At the Athens Dental Depot, we will never restore your teeth with a silver, mercury-based amalgam filling. Such a restoration/filling will put your tooth/teeth at risk. Our dental team has been trained to restore teeth with metal-free resin or porcelain restorations that are bonded to the surrounding healthy tooth structure. Whether you have dental decay, a failing filling or restoration, or are simply choosing to have your unsightly silver, mercury-based filling replaced, there are many aesthetic and long-lasting restorations that can be considered for each unique situation.

Silver, mercury-based amalgam fillings have become obsolete. Not only do these fillings detract from the appearance of the teeth, turning them dark and gray/black both internally and externally, but they also damage the remaining tooth structure. Quite simply, they place your tooth/teeth at risk. Because the silver, mercury-based filling does not bond to the tooth structure, more tooth structure has to be removed than needed to get the filling to remain in the tooth. As such, there is often inadequate tooth structure remaining to support the strong forces of your bite. These metal fillings also expand and contract with temperature changes. This micro movement weakens the tooth and causes fracture lines and cracks. This also creates space between the tooth structure and the filling, allowing bacteria to enter the tooth and cause further decay. This results in an increased rate of tooth fracture and the need for root canal therapy or even extraction if the fracture line propagates down the root of the tooth.

At the Athens Dental Depot, we place porcelain or composite based bonded restorations. These proven, state-of-the-art materials provide both a natural, aesthetically pleasing look and a strong, durable, and mercury-free restoration for your teeth.

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