The Athens Dental Depot is proud to use only digital radiography in our office. In place of radiographic film, a small digital sensor is used to record the radiographic image and make it available as a digital file that can be viewed by your dentist and saved as part of your patient record. The many advantages of digital radiography include:

  • Significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays
  • The image is available immediately, so no time needs to be spent developing the image
  • Digital images, when viewed on a monitor, are larger and allow the dentist to employ special image processing to enhance the overall clarity of the image. This allows the dentist to diagnose the image more accurately.
  • No environmentally harmful chemicals are needed to develop a digital image
  • Digital images can easily be viewed on our chairside, patient monitor so our Doctors can explain areas of concern by drawing on the image
  • Digital images can be emailed to a specialist, another office, or your insurance carrier so that your insurance reimbursement may be processed much faster

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